Sell your home

Quick real estate deal

Our industry leading Instant Cash Purchase Program allows you to sell any property as is easily. Our no upfront cost policy allows you to sell your home without commission or open house.

Finance your new home

Private Financing

Sometimes, circumstance in life makes it difficult to get financing through banks. Capital Habitation offers private financing for any property even after a bank refusal.

Buy with only 7 to 10% cash down

Rent-To-Own Program

Our Rent-To-Own program is our way to make the dream of owning a house easier. Whether you have credit difficulties or a restricted as amound cash down you can buy your dream house using our Rent-To-Own program.


Get financing in 3 steps​

Phone interview

Summary assessment of the client's situation.

Meet an expert

Une visite de la propriété sera effectuée par l'un de nos agents afin de vous diriger vers le meilleure service en fonction de vos besoins.

Obtaining funding

When both parties have agreed on a strategy, a contract will be drafted accordingly and signed by each member. Thereafter, an appointment with the notary will be planned in order to finalize the transaction and thus you will receive your financing.

Frequently asked questions

Following the evaluation of the file, you will get an answer within 24 hours. Then you will receive your funds the following week.

You must first meet by telephone with one of our agents so that we can assess your situation. Then We will  analyze the file to guide you towards the best solution to meet your needs. A visit to the property is necessary, one of our experts will come and meet you  in order to evaluate the property so as to be able to give you the right information on the financing possibilities available to you. When an agreement is determined between the two parties, we will proceed to finalize the file.

There is no maximum amount. It always depends on the client’s situation and the amount available as mortgage security.

Yes, it is possible since Capital habitation lends according to the value of the building.

The interest rate is based on the loan-to-value ratio of your building as well as your personal profile.

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