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Helping you to achieve your project for over 10 years

Capital Habitation is a Quebec company
helping citizens in the process of acquiring real estate services.
Founded with the objective of accomplishing a mission: to provide access to everyone’s request for
sell, buy, finance and rent any property quickly and easily.
We use a variety of methods to personalize the entire service obtaining cycle and tailor the experience to your needs.

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Our Team


Guillaume Loiselle

President & CEO

Guillaume has been an entrepreneur in the real estate industry for 12 years now and has decided to found Capital habitation with the specific goal of providing access to everyone’s demand, regardless of their situation. Manager of several companies and passionate about real estate, Guillaume is a visionary who thrives on new challenges, performs in action for every sphere of his life. He has been a construction contractor for many years and has his own team of professionals in the field, which makes him an expert in real estate. His mission as a business leader: to bring his team to evolve and flourish at work, because a happy team always performs better.


Hugo Desjardins

Director of operations

Known for his great communication skills and his ability to connect with customers, Hugo is the contact person when it comes to problem solving. With over 10 years of experience in real estate and sales team management, he always manages to maintain win-win relationships with both his business partners and his clients. With a BA in business administration with a specialization in information technology from HEC Montréal, he operated an electrical distribution company for many years. His mission as Director of Operations; to be able to help each client in their process of obtaining service no matter the challenges to overcome.


Francis Aveine

Development manager

Francis certainly represents the team investigator. He has a background in multi-unit financial engineering and many years of experience as a foreman and site manager. His role within the company is to ensure the compliance and proper functioning of each project. It is thanks to his great resourcefulness and his facility to enter into relationships with others that he can be counted as one of the best reference in real estate prospecting.


Kalina Grégoire

Marketing manager

When it comes to creativity, thinking outside the box or innovation, Kalina is the person who brings new ideas to the team. With a BA in Management and Marketing from Laval University, she is constantly working on new strategies to bring more resources to the clientele and thus set herself apart from competitors. With several years of experience in the field of marketing and customer service, his primary mandate as an advertising manager is to bring the company to the forefront of success through innovation so that he can offer customers an exceptional service.

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