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Capital Habitation is a Quebec company that helps citizens in the process of obtaining real estate services.

Why work with Capital Habitation?

No matter the request, our team is here to help. Capital Habitation buys, finance or leaseback your property as is, quickly and with no strings attached.

If you are facing any of the following situations, book your free consultation now!


Save an asset from seizure and easily pay off any outstanding dept.


Take advantage of your real estate properties to better your retirement.


Convert an inherited property to pay off debts or invest in your dream home.​


Capitalize on older assets to re-invest in new ventures.

Costly Repairs

Get the maximum value out of your aging real estate and reinvest in new projects.


Quickly and simply splitting assets can allow you to more easily move on.

Simple, Easy And Personalized

Capital Habitation promotes win-win transactions between our clients and partners.


Avoid waiting several weeks for a response and get your financing quickly.


Enjoy a complete service with ease. We take charge of all the administrative aspects to avoid any complications during the process.

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You will be surrounded by a team of qualified and passionate professionals who will guide you to the right solutions in line with your current needs.


Accessibility throughout the process to all information related to your project. No surprises, no hidden costs, we share all information with you without exception.

How do we help you ?

We offer solutions, tailored to you


Cash Purchase

Selling a property can get complex, quickly. Therefore, you need a team of experts with a well planned and structured strategy. Get practical advice and benefit from professional expertise that will propel your profitability. Capital Habitation buys your property, as is, in less than 30 days.


Sometimes, circumstance in life makes it difficult to get financing through banks. Capital Habitation offers private financing for any property even after a bank refusal.

or use our rent-to-own program to acquire your property.


Our rent to own program is a way to facilitate the dream to become owner of your next home. This program is ideal for customers who need short term financial turnaround plan.

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